Generative Artwork NFT

This work is an allegory of the manipulation of information that the media and social networks create for us.. That is why its tittle is: infoxication.

The tessellates and their repetitions. They have been instrumental in my inspiration for this work. I have searched for structures, that thanks to their randomness, generate pseudo tessellates but, that above all, must be completely asymmetrical. To break with their classical isometry. In some of their coinage, it will seem that they are petroglyphs (precursors to written language), in others complex musical scores, labyrinths, Escher’s impossible spaces, Vasarely spaces,... As in any abstract work, you can, looking at it, find interpretations.

For example: Media, social networks and others with their intensity and their own goals: distract us, flood us, distort us, hide us, make us continuously doubt ourselves. This creates an information overload. The information is deflected, manipulated even despised and forgotten by other media and social networks. Each work, represents the same news item, published by different media. The news item takes different routes when it is published in other media and social networks. The changes in colors represent the changes in nuances, interpretations, adulterations of the news item and even the return to the news item without distortion.

The bifurcations represent the new routes of the news item, in different media, until it saturates all the space. That is, CAOS, where it is impossible to know the truth. The complexity of the saturation of the information has as its only goal, disinformation. The colors representing the lack of temporality of the events.

Tip: Press the "Esc" key to exit full screen. Use the Right and Left arrow keys to navigate through Artwork

You can type a seed, like 1ab741698a34d and create a new generative artwork